Enormous volumes of food waste disappear untapped into landfills and or incineration world wide, causing huge negative impact on our environment. This regardless the fact, that food waste represents a substantial green energy source, if collected and handled correctly. In addition to CO2 neutral methane, digestate from anaerobe digestion, is classified as a first class biological fertilizer with, all vital, all natural, nutrients kept intact.

Utilization of food waste is essential in production of renewable energy; however the industry is coming to terms with, and acknowledging that efficient pre treatment is a “bottle neck”. Current systems are insufficient, not meeting the needs of the industry and with technologies from other businesses, mainly pulp & paper.

Presently market trends clearly indicate that the industry is looking to acquire specialized equipment and complete systems from Pre-Treatment Purveyors that deliver in accordance with today’s needs.

Historically, food waste has been processed in close proximity to biogas plant and AD digesters. From logistical and economical reasons this practice is changing in favour of decentralized Pre-Treatment Systems.