BioSep® – The next Generation Process to Convert Food Waste into Valuable Biomass for Biogas Production

BioSep® is a unique Pre-treatment technology that enables separation of Organic Material from plastics and other packaging materials in existing waste streams. The end product from this process is a virtually plastic free biomass suitable for anaerobic digestion for biogas production.

The BioSep® technology makes it possible to remove food packaging and other undesired materials without any human effort or pre-handling. This provides our customers with a process that cost effectively solves the Pre-Treatment and Separation which is becoming ever more important while striving to achieve an efficient anaerobic digestion in biogas production.

BioSep® is the core component in our BioPrePlant® Systems. BioPrePlant® Systems are “All-In-One” systems that are customized to satisfy our clients every need. The “All-In-One” system enables acceptance of a wide range of feed stock from food waste, providing flexibility, consistency and minimal down time in the plant due to lack of raw material. At the same time our BioPrePlant® System stands for a unique and groundbreaking performance and quality in Pre-Treatment of food waste, with proven performance data previously unknown to the industry.